Member Profile: Coolidge Corner Yoga’s Tatyana Souza

Tatyana Souza - Balance

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Tatyana Souza and her husband David opened Coolidge Corner Yoga at 1297 Beacon Street in September 2013. We asked Tatyana some questions about herself and her business to help us and our Brookline neighbors get to know her and CCY a bit better:

What inspired you to open Coolidge Corner Yoga?

I am passionate about sharing the practice of yoga with my local community and feel that everyone can benefit from the practice. This practice not only yields the physical benefits of strength, pliability, and balance, but also yields mental benefits as well. In the busy lives of many in our community, yoga can provide exercise as well as mental relaxation so that you can be a better parent, spouse, neighbor and friend.

What do you enjoy most about working in Brookline?

I love seeing all my fellow Brookline residents, parents, and friends in the studio. The wide age range coming through our doors has been amazing to observe. I also love how receptive our community has been to adding yoga to their weekly routine.

What is your own favorite product or service among those that you offer?

My favorite yoga offering has been our Yoga FUNdamentals and Gentle Yoga classes. These two classes offer beginner yogis as well as those looking to introduce movement into their life gently an opportunity to dive into the world of yoga in a welcoming, fun, and encouraging environment. These classes have been thriving, and I am so proud to have so many members of our community start and maintain their practice of yoga at CCY.

Coolidge Corner Yoga Class

What’s one thing that you want everyone to know about Coolidge Corner Yoga?

CCY offers classes for everybody and every age in our community, starting from prenatal yoga, mommy and baby yoga, kids yoga and all the way up through gentle and yin yoga.

What’s one fact about Coolidge Corner Yoga that you think might surprise people?

People are often surprised by how spacious, cozy, and welcoming our yoga studio is. We have about 4000 square feet of space on the 2nd floor overlooking Beacon Street, including lounge space and an area to have some tea and relax.

Coolidge Corner Yoga

What activities do you enjoy when you’re not working?

Running my own business has been quite exciting and challenging. On my days off I really relish spending time with my two boys and husband either outdoors at the parks or with family friends.

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