Member Profile: The Business Resource Guy’s Richard Hassman

Richard Hassman has been The Business Resource Guy in Brookline for the past year and a half, after seven years at it in Northern California. He has had local clients for over five years, having started with ImprovBoston in 2009—and they’ve been his client ever since.

Richard Hassman

What inspired you to become The Business Resource Guy?

I was selling POS (point of sale) systems to just restaurants when I heard about credit card processing as a business service. I immediately was drawn to it because of two things – a) I could work with almost any type of business from non-profit organizations to manufacturer supply houses to retail boutiques to restaurants, etc. and b) one of the primary functions of what I do is lowering a fee that business owners can’t avoid, all while providing them better advice and service than they were receiving before they starting working with me.

What do you enjoy most about working in Brookline? 

Brookline is such a small town. The level of relationships between the residents and local businesses is like nowhere else I have ever lived. I love the way that folks are just plain folks here in Brookline, and really are interested in what you have to offer them. And there are so many opportunities to partner up with others and be of service to the community, on both a commercial and a civic level.

What is your own favorite product or service among those that you offer? 

My favorite service offering amongst credit card processing, POS systems, gift and loyalty programs, e-commerce gateways, and working capital programs is actually the credit card processing. My reasoning is that accepting credit cards and having to pay fees for the “privilege” of doing so affects the bottom line of every business that does so. If I can help a business owner keep more of their hard-earned money in their own pocket at the end of every month, then I have done them a great service. And it gives me great joy to do so.


Richard HassmanWhat’s one thing that you want everyone to know about The Business Resource Guy? 

With over 9 years experience, I have collected a lot of wisdom that I love to share with business owners.

The Business Resource Guy was founded on the principle that I can match business owners with the resources that they most need to run their business successfully. From merchant services credit card processing to working capital programs, I work very hard to have a deep collection of vendors that are the best in their class and I feel confident introducing them to my business customers.

What’s one fact about The Business Resource Guy that you think might surprise people?

People are often surprised that I have the exact same costs as the business banks I compete with. And that level playing field gives me the advantage because I can service my customers with more personal care than the banks and out of state processors can.

The Business Resource Guy

What activities do you enjoy when you’re not working? 

Skiing and traveling are not just activities I enjoy when not working; they are obsessions. My girlfriend and I incorporate travel into our schedules so that we can still work and service our careers all while exploring the world. If there is a ski slope nearby, well, all the better.

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