About BLF

How We Began

In the fall of 2011, Brookline resident Adam Mitchell invited then Coolidge Corner Merchants Association President, R. Harvey Bravman to meet the founder of the Sustainable Business Network and the Local First Movement, Laury Hammel. Within minutes, the combination of Adam’s calm, reasonable approach and the “force of nature” that is Laury Hammel, convinced Bravman that creating a Local First group in the image of over thirty Local First chapters across the country would resonate with the Brookline community. Within a month, twelve of Brookline’s most respected business leaders and several community leaders met with Laury Hammel to hear the Local First story. In the spring of 2012, the group elected Dana Brigham of the Brookline Booksmith and Chobee Hoy of Chobee Hoy Associates Real Estate as co-chairs, and Brookline Local First was born.

Our Mission

Formed in March 2012, Brookline Local First is a network of locally-owned, independent businesses. Our mission is to build a strong local economy and vibrant community by educating residents and local government leaders about the significant environmental, economic, and cultural benefits of doing business with locally-owned, independent businesses.

Brookline Local First Steering Committee


  • Chair : Chobee Hoy – Chobee Hoy Associates Real Estate, Inc.
  • Treasurer : Elaine Joseph – Bank of Canton
  • Clerk : Adam Mitchell – community affiliate
  • Executive Committee Member : Abe Faber – Clear Flour Bakery
  • R. Harvey Bravman – Advanced Digital Websites, Inc. and BrooklineHub.com
  • Dana Brigham – Brookline Booksmith
  • Susan K Howards – Attorney
  • Anne R Meyers – Brookline Economic Development Advisory Board
  • Richard Hassman – The Business Resource Guy
  • Advisor : Laury Hammel – Sustainable Business Network