Why Shop the Sticker?

Why Shop the Sticker?

  • Local, independent businesses are your neighbors.
  • They dig deep to support local non-profits and causes.
  • They are accountable; they don’t hide in their corporate offices.
  • They share an entrepreneurial spirit that inspires our community
  • They are passionate about the products and services they offer.

When you Shop the Sticker.

  • You create new local jobs and decrease local unemployment.
  • You generate local economic growth.
  • You protect our environment by helping to reduce greenhouse emissions from trans-regional and trans-national transportation of goods.

If we all shift as little as 10% of our expenditures to local independents, our local economy can grow by as much as 2-3 times. *

Shop the Sticker

It helps us all when you do.  Click here to find Brookline Local First businesses.

More reasons to Shop the Sticker can be found at http://www.somervillelocalfirst.org/the-local-first-movement/


*Massachusetts Sustainable Business Network