Consumer Survey 2014 – Coolidge Corner

The results are in! A survey of consumers with subject being the Coolidge Corner Business District was recently conducted by the Town of Brookline, Economic Development Division.

Over 1740 surveys were completed, and a lengthy and informative report has just been released.

Please CLICK HERE to read the report.

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Epilogue: 2014 Warrant Article 29

On Monday evening, June 2, 2014 Brookline Local First presented its local economy resolution, Warrant Article 29, at Town Meeting.

Brookline Local First member Abe Faber of Clear Flour Bread, after being introduced to loud applause, gave a 5 minute talk in favor of the article.

Although Article 29 was not passed as presented, the following text of the Town Meeting vote makes it clear that we were heard, and that Town leadership is interested in taking action that strengthens our local economy:

“Article 29 is a petitioned resolution that asks the Town to declare itself a local economy community and to increase procurement from locally-owned independent businesses through different initiatives and events, including the formation of a task force, and the creation of a local economy week.

The creation of a Shop Brookline Task Force and the declaration of a Brookline Economy Week are both steps the Town can take to support businesses. We applaud Brookline Local First for their efforts to draw attention to the need to support local businesses. However, the Board’s definition of what qualifies as a local business is broader than the limited definition used by the Petitioner.

The Task Force should represent all stakeholders within the Brookline business community and should focus their efforts on developing policies and practices that support all businesses. The subject matter of Article 29 should be referred to the Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) and the scope should be expanded to include support for businesses located in Brookline more generally.

Therefore, by a vote of 4-0 taken on April 29, 2014, the Selectmen recommend the following:

VOTED: To refer the subject matter of Article 29 to the Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) and include how we support businesses located in Brookline more generally.”

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Congratulations Bank of Canton!

Number 1 Community Bank RibbonThe votes are in! Gatehouse Media New England’s Wicked Local Readers have voted Brookline Local First member Bank of Canton as “Best Community Bank.”

Visit Brookline’s own Bank of Canton Branch located at 166 Harvard Street.

Bank of Canton


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Coolidge Corner Yoga’s Salute to Summer!

Salute the Summer Sun in Brookline!

Coolidge Corner Yoga

FREE all-levels yoga, Saturdays at 8:00 a.m.

Minot Rose Garden at Browne & St. Paul Streets, Brookline

(located in the southeast corner of Winthrop Square)

Co-hosted by Coolidge Corner Yoga & the Brookline Departments of Public Health and Parks and Open Space

What better way to celebrate summer than by greeting the day with an hour of yoga in the sunshine? Every Saturday this summer from July 12 through August 30, Coolidge Corner Yoga (CCY) and the Brookline Departments of Public Health and Parks and Open Space will co-host a free all-levels Vinyasa flow facing the beautiful roses at the Minot Rose Garden park. Don’t miss out on this chance to practice with your favorite CCY teachers, bond with Brookline community members, and practice yoga in the great outdoors. Wear comfy clothes, bring your yoga mat and a bottle of water, and come prepared to start your weekend with movement and fun!

When: Saturdays from 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. (July 12 – August 30) *

Where: Minot Rose Garden

Why: Because it’s summer—let’s celebrate!

*Class will be cancelled in event of inclement weather.

For more information please visit Contact us at 617-879-0861 or

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Congratulations On The Move Interiors!

One of your neighbors, and one of our great Member Businesses, On The Move Interiors, won 1st Place earlier this month in a prestigious kitchen design competition held by the National Kitchen & Bath Association, Northern New England Chapter. CLICK HERE for view photos and read all about their award-winning project.

On The Move Interiors LogoKitchens are the center of our homes (doesn’t it seem like every party ends up in the kitchen no matter how hard we try to organize them around our living rooms or patios?), and a kitchen remodel is one of the most satisfying homeowner experiences.

Congratulations to Sheila Selby and On The Move Interiors for this great honor!

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Coolidge Corner Community Chorus Spring Concert!

ccccLogoOn Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 8:00pm the Coolidge Corner Community Chorus, a proud member of Brookline Local First, will be performing Mysterium, their spring concert that will feature most of Mozart’s Requiem and one movement of the Brahms Requiem.

Part of the first annual Arts Brookline, this concert will take place at All Saints Parish at 1773 Beacon Street. The cost is $7-12.

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Brookline Local Economy Resolution

The following is the full text of Warrant Article 29, proposed by Brookline Local First for this May’s Brookline Town Meeting to consider:

Brookline Local Economy Community Resolution

Petitioner: Brookline Local First
Point of contact Adam Mitchell, Town Meeting Member Precinct 2

The Town of Brookline has long been at the forefront of innovation ideas, creativity and most importantly action; and

The most critical action any town can take to diminish the effects of national economic crisis and assist its residents is to do everything possible to strengthen its local economy; and

Research has shown that $2 of every $3 spent at locally owned businesses stays in the local economy; however, only $1 of every $3 spent at chain stores or public companies stays in the local economy; and

The money spent at local independently owned businesses has given residents a more healthy, vibrant and sustainable community; and

Brookline is most fortunate to have many locally owned and independent businesses that are critical components to its local economy. However these locally owned businesses have had a difficult time in this economy; and

These difficulties necessitate a much more proactive approach by town government to support the local economic development for citizens to realize a positive impact, and now therefore be it

That the Town of Brookline declare itself a “Local Economy Community” welcoming, and encouraging local entrepreneurship; and

That the Town Administrator, School Department the Selectmen, and all departments:
1. Determine how the Town can increase procurement from Locally Owned Independent Businesses.
2. Ensure that locally or regionally owned banks participate and are given whatever preference is lawfully allowed when bids for town banking services are requested.
3. Support whatever efforts are made by the school committee to increase the percentage of locally grown and produced food served to students and staff; and

That the Selectmen, Town Administrator, School Department, Department heads and members of locally owned independent businesses form a Task Force to identify and develop policies that directly support the growth and development of locally owned and independent businesses in Brookline,

That the Town of Brookline declare an annual “Brookline Local Economy Week” that coincides with “Brookline Day”, and that the Town Administrator, School Department and Town Department Heads confer to promote the steps all can take to contribute to fostering our local economic development during that week.

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Why you should shop Local First

The following column appeared in the print version of the Brookline Tab on Thursday, April 10, 2014:

Why you should shop ‘local first’

by Brookline Local First founding members Abram Faber (co-owner of Clear Flour Bread) and Dana Brigham (co-owner of Brookline Booksmith).

Brookline Local First has filed a Brookline Local Economy Community Resolution to be voted on at our spring town meeting. We are hopeful that our town meeting members will vote YES in support and celebration of the locally owned and operated businesses that make our town so vibrant. We believe that helping our local businesses to thrive will be a boost for all businesses in Brookline, our entire town’s economy, all of our beloved town non-profits, and every resident.

This non-binding resolution asks the town to declare itself a “Local Economy Community” and specifies several concrete steps to welcome, support, and encourage the growth and development of locally owned and independent businesses.
The resolution recognizes that the Town of Brookline has long been at the forefront of innovative ideas, and more importantly actions! It recognizes the critical actions our town can take to strengthen our local economy. This resolution is an opportunity for local residents to show their support for our local independents in a practical and positive manner. Talk is cheap; it’s in positive actions and where we spend our money that counts the most!

For us the resolution is a “no-brainer” in support of all we love in Brookline. Yet some of our friends have asked why the resolution does not include every business with a physical location in Brookline, so we wanted to explain why Brookline Local First defines local in the same way that hundreds of other nationwide local business movements do.

What is the big deal about local ownership? Why isn’t a branch of a large national chain bank, bakery or bookstore “local” as defined by the national shop-local movement? The simple answer is that local independents contribute to the local community and economy at a significantly higher level that national chains and franchises.

Over ten different studies in communities across the US have proven that $2 of every $3 spent at locally owned businesses stays in the local economy, whereas only $1 of every $3 spent at chains or publicly-held companies stays in the local economy. Fifty percent more money stays in Brookline when purchases are made at locally owned businesses!

This “Multiplier Effect” is real! When a dollar is spent at a local independent store, the value of the dollar increases dramatically. Shifting just 10% of our shopping dollar to local independents can make a profound positive impact on our local economy. Every time a dollar `leaks’ out of the community and into a national corporation it takes money out of circulation in our local economy and stops the “multiplier effect” dead in its tracks.

Most new jobs are provided by locally owned businesses. Even though non-local stores hire people, locally owned and independent businesses pay a much higher percentage of their revenues to staff than non-local businesses. The real “job-creators” in our nation are small and mid-sized companies. In the past ten years large corporations have laid off as many people as they have hired for zero net gain in jobs, whereas local business owners hire more people and pay better wages than their non-local competitors.

Studies have proven that locally owned businesses contribute 350% or more money (as a percentage of their revenue) to local nonprofits than do non-locally owned businesses. Local businesses in Brookline give consistent and substantial support to Brookline non-profits. Yes, there are some solid community-minded folks who own, manage, or work for non-local businesses. We understand and welcome community contributions from all business leaders in Brookline. Yet there are several reasons why franchises are not considered locally owned businesses. Even when a franchise is owned by a local owner, there are substantial fees and other costs that are paid to the national brand that increase the money `leaking’ out of our local economy. The bottom line is that when you buy from a franchise, less money stays in the community. Whatever we can do to boost local business aids all businesses because when our towns commercial districts are healthier, all businesses benefit from increased traffic.

Local businesses also have a lighter environmental impact. They make more local purchases, reducing the carbon footprint of goods sold.

Brookline has a long tradition of celebrating subsets of our population such as artists, women, and exceptional children. Just as these efforts do not diminish any other group, this recognition for local business does not seek to diminish any other business. It is all about supporting our beloved local independent businesses.

Brookline Local First has at the core of its mission to encourage residents, businesses, and government agencies to “first” make every effort to buy locally. It’s “Local First” not “Local Only.”

Please ask your town meeting member to vote yes on Article #29.

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